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Makeup Artist Beth Alderson’s Autumn Skincare Advice

In Carol Hayes Management Artist, Make-up on September 19, 2012 at 11:54 am
Makeup by Beth Alderson

Makeup by Beth Alderson

The cool Autumn months are knocking on our door, and with cool temperatures comes dry skin and chapped lips. Before your skin starts to feel the changing temperature, get your skin ready with advice from makeup artist, Beth Alderson…..

BUILD THE BARRIER! It’s your invisible pair of gloves! Now’s the time to treat yourself to a good Barrier cream, they protect the skin & prevent moisture loss.

Wanna make your own? Simply Burst an oil of evening primrose oil or vitamin E capsule and mix a little with your fave face cream! You can cater the amount to your liking; it’s cheap, easy and saves the pennies!

Makeup by Beth Alderson

Makeup by Beth Alderson

STOP SCRUBBING! OK, so we all like a good scrub to get that ‘squeaky-skin’ feel but in this current climate, cut back to once or twice a week, MAX.

Every time we do this, whether it’s grainy scrubs or light exfoliating acids, we strip our skin. Just remember what you take out you MUST put back in. Feed you skin with a good serum and moisturiser after.

FEED YOUR FACE! From the inside too! Up your oils. Omega 3:6:9 fatty acids- marvellous for skin health & cellular Integrity maintenance.

DRYNESS/REDNESS – PAW PAW OINTMENT Pat this on problem areas and this magic cream will work wonders over night. I have been known to smother my entire face in the stuff! I am prone to breakouts & believe you me, this doesn’t break me out…. it’s really very special. Works wonders on chapped lips too!

Take a look at Beth’s portfolio here or give us a call on 020 7482 1555 to book.

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