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Pearl Lowe – a fashion designer to watch

In Carol Hayes Management Artist, Stylist, Television on April 18, 2012 at 5:15 pm
Pearl Lowe - Fashion Designer

Pearl Lowe - Fashion Designer

Whether you know Pearl Lowe from her music days or from magazines – there is no doubt Pearl has an eye for fashion.

Now established firmly as a style icon and businesswoman, Pearl’s entrance into the fashion world was only the beginning of many exciting design projects.

Pearl Lowe’s design career started much earlier than her high street foray; working on a range of beautifully intricate pieces which are currently on sale at the prestigious London boutique, Viola and online at

These pieces continue her gothic vintage shapes she has become known for, produced in delicate, high end fabrics.

These quirky illustrations were produced by artist Gary Crozier, and really capture the mood for the tim burton-esque collection.

Pearl Lowe's Boutique Range

Pearl Lowe - Ruby Collection

Pearl Lowe - Ruby Collection

These designs are only the beginning of many exciting new projects for Pearl.

Currently working on a new collection, the designer has many new designs in store. Keep your eyes peeled and we will keep you posted with her latest news! x

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