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On the Move Make-up tips with Julia Carta

In Carol Hayes Management Artist, Hair, Make-up on March 7, 2012 at 3:09 pm
Julia Carta gives us tips for make-up on the move

Tips for make-up on the move

Emerging in the press this week, recent research suggests that more than two-thirds (67 per cent) of British women now apply all their make-up on the morning commute – with an extra 22 per cent just touching up their lipstick or mascara while travelling.

Hair & make-up artist Julia Carta has been kind enough to give us her tips on how to create a long lasting look whilst on the move. Just watch out for those sudden traffic stops and elbows on the tube!
  • Avoid carrying a large make-up bag by using minimal products in a creative way. Less products = NO MESS NO STRESS!!
  • Apply your moisturiser, eye cream, primer and mascara before you leave the house. By the time you hit the bus stop you will have a perfectly settled base, and have avoided any mascara led injuries!
  • Once on the Bus or Tube, make sure you stay free from infection by using anti-bacterial wipes on your hands. This will avoid the spread of any nasty germs picked up on the way. Who knows how many hands touch the oyster card swipe every morning!
  • Erase the dark morning circles from your eyes with a concealer pen. This cuts down on brushes and makes it easy and practical to apply.
  • Invest in a good quality double-sided compact mirror. You don’t want to only see half of your face before you arrive at work. Check on both the magnified and normal side before you step out.
  • Use a compact minimal powder foundation and apply with a Kabuki brush. This way you can avoid foundation spillage and can build up coverage gradually to your preference. If you have drier more mature skin, try using a cream to powder compact, with oilier skins suiting an oil-free foundation compact instead.
  • Try to go for a warm chocolatey brown creme eyeshadow to avoid powder fall out on the skin. Apply with your fingertip by swiping backwards and forwards across the lid.
  • Remember and clean your hands at this point with your Anti-bacterial wipes!
  • Now cheer up everyone on the bus and put on your best smile. Use your fingers to apply some peachy/pink creme blusher to the apple of your cheeks.
  • To create a great daytime look for your lips, keep the creme blusher in your hand and mix it with some of your lip balm to create a lip tint whilst conditioning and hydrating lips at the same time. Its all about using less products NO MESS NO STRESS!!
  • If you cannot live without eyeliner, try using a soft kohl with a soft sponge applicator attached, followed by mascara application on the tips. Try to wait for a traffic stop for these ones!
  • For unruly eyebrows opt for a clear or tinted eyebrow gel to help keep eyebrows in place all day.
  • Grab your one and only brush (Kabuki) and brush a half highlighter/bronzer to highlight and contour your cheekbones and brow.
  • Now you are fully made-up and ready to face the day ahead. Now where’s that snooze button…

Check out Julia Carta’s portfolio here or contact us on +44(0) 207 482 1555

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