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In Carol Hayes Management Artist, Stylist on August 8, 2011 at 3:29 pm

Summer Suitcase
If you’re like me you’ll arrive at your summer holiday destination, unpack and realise you have nothing to wear. Stylist Jo Phillips and Creative Director at has given us these quick tips to ensure you can look hot on your holidays, and still not reach the mean baggage allowance.

“Take five key pieces and work out outfits around them – Jeans, a jacket, a piece of knitwear, a maxi dress and an evening shoe. After that you only need the basics and a few accessories..its amazing how many outfits you can make from these!!

Lastly, have a plastic bag that you put all the dirty washing into…makes it so much easier when you get home and unpack!”

I know that this year I’ll be adding to that list a massive pair of sunnies so I don’t need to wear any make-up during the day! Ah, the joys of holidays…

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